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What we do?

Have you designed a new product and need to check how it will look like? Do you need professional product photography? Is your company creating projects and you need a visualization for your client? As a computer graphics company we can help you to replace your sketches and technical drawings with clear photorealistic 3D rendered images. We create high quality 3D models, interior rendering and also simple animations.
We offer also making 3D models for 3D library. Formats which we can provide: 3ds, obj, dwg, dxf, fbx and more.

High-detailed 3D models of hard furniture
3D visualizations

3D product visualization

We can help you stand out among your competitors. Rendered images can replace traditional photography. With 3D visualizations you are able to quickly get additional coloristic versions of your product. There's no need to create costly prototypes. Firstly check how your product will look like, promote it, place 3D visualizations in e-Commerce store and begin the process of manufacturing.

Furniture visualizations

Furniture visualization

We have created countless 3D models of hard and upholstered furniture. We made 3D models of furniture built with MDF, wooden, chest and bent wood furniture, beds, sofas, couches, cabinets, tables, cofee tables... If you design whole furniture collection 3D visualizations enables you to get at any time additional piece of furniture. Lighting and camera configuration will not change.           

Interior visualizations

Interior visualization

We can use any kind of interior style to present your product in the best light. Color palette, proper furniture accessories and lighting are crucial. We pay careful attention when designing 3D interior and doing post-production so that each of the project has layer of warmth and present interior with soul. We have constantly growing 3d model repository to perform unique 3D visualizations.

Benefits of 3D visualization

Proffesional product presentation

Key benefit of making 3D visualizations is to present your product in a way that will impress your customers. We can make 3D model of your product and put it into 3D scene (3D studio or arranged interior) which emphasize the quality of the product. We provide also virtual images with pure white background or wihout background. We create 3D rendered images of all sizes and resolutions from your concept sketches, photographs or cad drawings.

Exploring your own ideas before concluding the final project

3D modeling is benefitial especially for manufacturers. Creating 3D visualizations before starting production process can save your time and funds. Thanks to them you are enabled to see how your product will look like before it exists in reality. It allows you to make changes in virtual model and reaching the intended effect. When visualization is finished you can start manufacturing and selling.

Why choose us?

Custom care

As a small studio we can give you individual services and the flexibility. Each Client has different requirements and each project is unique. Our company has strong focus on providing professional services and continous skill development. It is all about customer satisfaction.

Offer fitted to Your needs

We will make an effort to achieve satisfying effect for you. Following technical news, working with latest software and hardwares helps us providing proffesional services. We care about implementing new technologies and solutions to create high quality designs.

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EXE-lab - 3D computer graphics, interior visualization

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